Ceipsa - Componentes Electrónicos Industriales de Potencia S.A. de C.V.

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Componentes Electronicos Industriales de Poder S.A de C.V. It is a company dedicated to the Import, Export and commercialization of power electronic components, semiconductors and industrial electronics.

In Components Electronic Industrial Power S.A de C.V. we are characterized by customer service and technical support that is a priority in this company, we have a wide assortment of semiconductors and power electronic components with which we can immediately meet your needs, we have a wide variety of products in Power Modules, SCR's / Thyristors, Diodes - Rectifiers, Power Transistors, Solid State Relays, among others.

We are oriented to provide the client with high quality products and prestigious brands, comprehensive services that provide solutions with high added value in operation and maintenance of its teams and projects, we have the experience and trained personnel for it, we currently have the preference of our clients in the government and private sectors, as well as a wide portfolio in the interior of the republic.

At CEIPSA.COM we are at your service to answer your questions or comments about our products and website. Our NEW address: Causeway of the mysteries No. 386 Col. Industrial, Gustavo A. Madero Mexico D.F. C.P. 07800.

Phones: (55) 57-59-54-61 / 57-59-54-34 / 57-59-56-38 / 57-59-56-66 / 57-59-56-32 / 55-21-67-28
Via Email: ventas@ceipsa.com