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Ceipsa - Componentes Electrónicos Industriales de Potencia S.A. de C.V.

About us:

CEIPSA  - www.ceipsa.com

Componentes Electrónicos Industriales de Potencia S.A de C.V. Is a company dedicated Import, Export and marketing of power electronics , semiconductors and industrial electronics.

On Componentes Electrónicos Industriales de Potencia S.A de C.V. We're known for customer service and technical support is a priority at this company , we have a wide range of semiconductors and power electronics with which we can meet immediate needs, We have a wide variety of products in Power Modules , SCRs / Thyristors , Diodes - Rectifiers , Power Transistors , Solid State Relays , among others.

We are focused on giving the customer top quality products and premium brands , comprehensive services to provide solutions with high added value in the operation and maintenance of their equipment and projects , we have the experience and qualified personnel , we currently have with the preference of our clients in government and private sector , as well as an extensive portfolio within the republic.

In CEIPSA.COM we are at your service to answer your questions or comments about our products and website.

Our address : Calzada de los misterios No. 386 Col. Industrial, Gustavo A. Madero Mexico D.F. C.P. 07800.


Telephone : (55) 57-59-54-61 / 57-59-54-34 / 57-59-56-38 / 57-59-56-66 / 57-59-56-32 / 55-21-67-28

Vía E-MAIL: ventas@ceipsa.com

Vía Skype : gym_ceip@hotmail.com / comelecind@hotmail.com