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Componentes Electrónicos Industriales de Potencia S.A de C.V. (CEIPSA) It is a company dedicated to the import, export and marketing of power electronic components, semiconductors and industrial electronics, telecommunications, cabling and connection of voice and data systems, among others.


At CEIPSA we are characterized by customer service and technical support, which is a priority in this company. We have a wide range of semiconductors and power electronic components with which we can immediately satisfy your needs. Our service goes further by contacting the entire world. in search of the parts, components and services according to your needs, thanks to the fact that we import our products we can offer you the service you deserve, an attractive price and a delivery time according to the needs of the current market, fundamental aspects that support our company and which we believe strongly support all business management.


CEIPSA, thanks to the response of our clients, maintains a sustained growth that commits us to continue providing excellent service and primarily an emphasis on satisfying through our staff your needs in products and services, thus achieving a better and greater distribution of your resources to what really matters, which is to improve your business.